Aluminium window suppliers

The slide window can be installed in any type of replacement or new window project. You will find it installed in many hospitals, commercial buildings or educational establishments.
Top hung vents can be made up to 1600mm wide and 1600mm high. Side hung vents using the correct friction stays can be made at 900mm wide and up to 1500mm high. Large opening vents are possible with the Senior SPW300 window. This makes is suitable for commercial projects and residential homes seeking large vents.
Air permeability water tightness wind resistance have all achieved 600Pa 600Pa and 2000Pa respectively.
Approved powder applicators to provide you with high quality powder coated windows. Unglazed windows are provided with all beads cut to size, and wedge, captive or retained gaskets provided.
Aluminium window supplier provided  Unglazed windows  with all beads cut to size, wedge, captive or retained gaskets provided. The Windows can be beaded to accept glass or infill panels from 26 to 56mm thick depending on configuration and type.