How to Make The High-quality Aluminium Profile

The mould making is the first process in the production flow of extruded aluminium profile supplier. It is very important to make mould with high quality to obtain the best squeezing surface quality of aluminium extruded sections.
About the mould design. First we will produce the accurate mould drawings with the help of softwares such as CAD and SOLID WORK. Then the mould steel material is put on a lathe for processing in aspect of diameter and thickness and so on which is then put in a processing center for processing in aspect of welding chamber and tap hole.
The mould processed above is put into a vacuum hardening furnace for a heat process, aiming at strengthening the mould hardness (50°-51°C).
The mould size is processed by wire cutting
Its working area is processed by the electrospark. The completed mould should be treated with polishing, the surface quality of the working area will influence directly the sectional material’s quality. The polished and smooth working area can squeeze the sectional material with smooth surface.
The mould inspected totally for the last time is sent to the extrusion plant for die setting. Xingfa Aluminium will strictly inspect the process of mould to ensure the precision of next process and make the high-quality extruded aluminium profiles. The qualified mould will be nitridized in the nitriding furnace, aiming at strengthening the mold working area hardness 61°- 74°C)  which will be more durable.