Khalifa Tower Uses Xingfa Aluminium Curtain Wall

With the height at 828 meters, the Khalifa Tower (Formerly known as the Dubai Tower) can be seen at any place within 95 square kilometers which is an 160-floor skyscraper. The glossy outer curtain walls look vigorous and adequately demonstrate the charm of the highest building in the world.

Mr. Luo , Chairman of the Board of Directors in Xingfa Aluminium, said that Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd. was finally elected as the supplier of Dubai Tower Project by the project contractor among  the top aluminium profile  suppliers  for glass curtain walls after comprehensive evaluation. The purchase weight in contract is 2600 tonnes. He said, unit curtain wall with insulating glass was adopted on the Khalifa Tower.

khalifa tower uses xingfa aluminium curtain wall

After being the supplier of the project, Xingfa Aluminium made enough investigation and argumentation on the structure of the main building. Considering the super height of the Dubai Tower, the company prepared adequately on the pressure bearing and flexibility. The main profiles were made by Alloy 6063-T5 and 6063-T6. The connecting profiles were made by Alloy 6061-T6, which are in high tensile strength. The special visible and invisible frames were adopted. The biggest section of curtain wall is 300 mm. The surface treatment is PVDF coating (Jotun band), metal clour. The outer metal clour coating can reflect the ray while the inner special coating can effectively stop the horrible infrared in the Gulf Area. The curtain wall is generally environment friendly, energy-saving and low radiating.

khalifa tower uses xingfa aluminium curtain wall 02

It is the architectural representative of the low-carbon economy. After installing each unit of curtain wall of the Khalifa Tower, the inspectors would spray water and dust to check the quality and safety of these products. After the testing, Products "Made in China" were highly approved by the Buyer. Guangdong Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd. is more famous in the world by successfully completing the Khalifa Tower project.