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As a kind of building material, aluminium grill is natural and environmental and can be used widely, for example, sunshade, ventilation, high-plasticity and easy to save. Therefore, many architectural designers try to use aluminium grill. It not only can use as the cover of building and reduce sun exposure and hear radiation in house, but also attract the sunshine into the room to achieve save-energy effect.

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Aluminium grill is one kind of ceiling materials, which can be divide into flat aluminium grill and groove aluminium grill. They all use high-level aluminium alloy as main material and form the shape after cutting, bending and coating. Aluminium grill have many surface treatments, for example, powder coating, heat transfer grain, roller coating, laminate, PVDF, paint and so on. Xingfa Aluminium have their own aluminium profile surface treatment workshops to meet client’s requirement for specification and colors.

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Flat Aluminium Grill

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Groove Aluminium Grill

Aluminium grill have open vision, good ventilation, bright and neat line, clear structure, density and hierarchy, which incarnates simple and clear style. The installation of aluminium grill is easy and convenient, which make the top of ceiling dodging. Therefore, aluminium grill will have widely use in decoration market.

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Xingfa Aluminium, TOP 10 aluminium profile supplier in China, is a professional aluminium grill manufacturer. To meet the continuously expanding market demand, XingfaAluminium had set up its five production bases one after another in Yichun Jiangxi of Eastern China, Chengdu Sichuan of South west China, and Qinyang Henan of Central China to produce aluminium profile. Foshan and Nanhai subsidiaries has implemented zero distance strategy that we insist in producing in local,customer in local, serve in local. Xingfa also utilizes its product quality standard and customer service standard, to become a perfect enterprise in this industry. Any more detail please view .