Aluminium Extrusion Factory Told You Four Good Doors & Windows’Characteristics

No matter whether it is daily chemical products or other products that are in daily contact, it will pass a series of rigorous tests before reaching the market to meet the specified performance or indicators before leaving the factory. The same applies to high-end aluminum doors and windows. What are its four major characteristics?



The sealing design of unit type doors & windows is the most critical. Door and window can guarantee many functions such as thermal insulation if the sealing step is completed. Good tightness window have good sound insulation, which is mute door and window or sound insulation door and window.

2. Water Resistance

Waterproof design is not only the highlight of high-end aluminum doors and windows, but also the ordinary doors and windows.


Because of aluminium door profile & aluminium window profile design, single-lumen plug structure and front doors&windows can easily connect one side of elastic insulating material, which is enable to cut lumen internal air circulate, energy saving effect is further exceed other energy-saving window and have sound insulation and noise reduction effect.


4.Shock Resistance

Top grade aluminium doors & windows should install particular plugins to make window frame suitable to achieve the effect of absorb earthquake effectively. Compared with traditional door, aluminium doors&windows is more suitable to the requirement of shock resistance in  different area.

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