Aluminium Extrusion Factory Told You How to Distinguish the Quality of Aluminium Window and Door

1.The quality of extruded aluminium profiles whether qualified
The color of good aluminium profile’s incision is silver. No matter the texture and color is very uniform. Otherwise, the color of incision is black or other colors and it is possible that the factory is used aluminum scrap or other material.


2.The tightness and water-tightness of aluminium window and door
Weatherstrip and top wool are important for the tightness and water-tightness of aluminium window and door. They must have enough tensile strength, good flexibility, temperature tolerance and ageing resistance.

3.The accessories of aluminium window and door
The accessories is the heart of window and door, which is the key to ensure the window and door’s working life.

The frame’s surface don’t have obvious scratch, bump and other defect. The surface mustn’t have  aluminum shavings, burrs, oil stain and other spot. Meanwhile, the technology of assembly points should be paid attention. If window and door assembled is not suitable, it will lead the glass fall off or broken.

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