Top Aluminium Profile –Xingfa Aluminium Have Been Found Fake in Vietnam

On August 1st, Market Management Department in Dak Nong Province have caught a truck, which have 3 tons of aluminium profile with Xingfa Logo. The driver can’t provide the list of goods and the invoice so that the profile and the truck have been detained in the Dak Nong Province Market Management Department.

fake 001.JPG

According to the survey, 3 tons of aluminium profiles are fake Xingfa aluminium profile.It’s reported that DEDO window & door company counterfeits Xingfa aluminium profile and sells about VND70000 per kg. The counterfeiters said their output is about 400 tons per year and clients can buy how many they want. They have factory in the North, Middle and South of Vietnam. The counterfeiters said that there are lots of fake in the market now and Xingfa factory is far away from here, therefore, no one care about what aluminium profiles they sell and the fake can be purchased without any problems, because it is hard to distinguish the true one and the fake one.

The fake was found in their southern factory. The reporter disguised as a customer to purchase aluminium profile and found that the fake has been sold in the market. We can see the photo as below. The reporter took the photo at that time and call Dak Nong Province Market Management Department to deal with it.


Local report can be seen as below.