Back to school! Xingfa Staff’s Children Received “Warmly Gift”


The begin of September, students start to back to school. A new semester has come, Xingfa Labour Union made elaborate preparations for the opening ceremony and waited in the factory front door in the morning.

At 6:30, Xingfa Labor Union volunteer set up the booth at the dormitory front door and put the gift on the table . When the staff’s children went out of dormitory, they were gald to find that lots of gifts were prepare for them. The children queued up for getting gifts and go to school happily.

According to the statistics, our company have around 3000 people, 60% of them are migrant workers . Many workers bring their children together and their children have accepted local education. Now, Xingfa have staff’s children about 200 people. In order to make workers free to worry about their children, Xingfa devote theirselves to do more things for worker’s children , for example, summer camp, children’s day celebration, arranging school bus to pick them up, which make every staff find the sense of belonging.