Data Shows That Export of Aluminium Profile Cut Down in Australia in 2017

Australia, one of the largest exporters in the world, exported US$152.2 billion worth of goods in 2016. Australia witnessed an increased in exports of aluminium profile in 2016. Product Complexity Index (PCI) shows that aluminium profile is the 429nd most complex product and the 268nd most traded product.


Australia exported about 34000 tonnes of aluminium profile to Germany in 2016. Other remarkable importers of this commodity are France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, the USA ,etc. 


The global trade data shows that Australia exported 120000 tonnes of aluminium profile in 2015. The total export was valued at US$730 million. In 2016, Australia exported about 15000 tonnes of aluminium profile. The country generated revenue of US$847 million.Australia is estimated to export 120000 tonnes of aluminium profile.


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