Different Aluminium Alloy Makes Different Aluminium Profile

Aluminium profiles was made by aluminium alloy. Aluminium alloy is important for people to make different kinds of aluminium profile.

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1 Series:

Features: aluminum containing more than 99.00%, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, good welding performance, low-intensity, non-heat-strengthened range. applications: high purity aluminum (aluminum content of 99.9% or more) is mainly used for scientific test, the chemical industry and special purposes.

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2 Series:

Features :copper-aluminum alloy containing mainly together elements also added manganese, magnesium, lead and bismuth for machinability. Such as: 2011 alloy melting practice in the process should pay attention to safety (can produce harmful gases). 2014 alloy day aviation industry, high strength. 2017 alloy is lower than the 2014 alloy strength a little, but relatively easy to process. 2014 can be heat strengthened. Disadvantages: severe intergranular corrosion tendency. Applications: Aviation Industry (2014 alloy), Screws (2011 alloy) and high temperature industries (2017 alloy).

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3 Series:

Features: aluminum alloy of manganese as main alloying elements, heat treatment can not be strengthened, good corrosion resistance, good weld ability. Good plasticity. (Super close aluminum). Disadvantages: low intensity, but can enhance the strength through work hardening. Prone to coarse grains during annealing. Applications: oil derivative used in aircraft seamless on (3003 alloy), cans (3004 alloy).

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4 Series: silicon-based, not commonly used. Part 4 system can be heat strengthened, but also part of the 4 alloy non-heat.

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5 Series: Features: magnesium-based. Good anti-corrosion properties, good weldability, fatigue strength, and can not be heat strengthened, only cold working to increase the strength. Applications: lawn mower handle aircraft fuel tank catheter, bullet-proof vests.

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6 Series: Features: magnesium and silicon based. Mg2Si main strengthening phase, currently the most widely used alloys. 6063,6061 with most other 6082,6160,6125,6262,6060,6005,6463. 6063,6060,6463 in 6 lines of relatively low intensity. 6262,6005,6082,6061 6 lines relatively high intensity. Characteristics: Medium strength, corrosion resistance, good welding performance, process performance (easy to squeeze forming) Good coloring performance. Applications: cross-able tools (such as: auto luggage rack, doors, windows, body, fins, between canister housing)

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7 Series: Features: zinc-based, but sometimes have to add a small amount of magnesium and copper. Which is super-hard alloy containing zinc, lead, magnesium and copper alloys close hardness of steel. 6 alloy extrusion faster than slow, good weldability. 7005 and 7075 7 Series is the highest grade, can be heat strengthened. Applications: aviation (aircraft bearing components, landing gear), rocket, propeller, aviation spacecraft.