Fashion Aluminium Profile

Apple Inc like to use aluminium profile, but it not uses the normal aluminium profile. It uses customed aluminium profile that hardness exceed 60%. The customed aluminium profile have integrated into Magnesium and Zinc , which make the alloy hard and have light weight. Apple Inc named it as anodizing aluminium profile. It have added zirconia to improve corrosion resisting.


From the first iPhone, Apple Inc have used anodized aluminium shell. Later, Mac Series, Apple Watch, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 also use 7000 Series aluminium alloy. 7000 Series aluminium alloy is aluminium-zinc-magnesium-copper alloy and heat - treatable alloy, which belongs to super duralumin alloy. 7000 Series use widely in aerospace and military industry. Recently, with the development of aerospace in civil field , 7000 series aluminium alloy begin to appear in consumer electronics products. 7000 series aluminium alloys are one kind of high-strength industrial aluminium profile, which make it popular using in industrialfield.


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