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Aluminium, which we usually call it “aluminium ingot”. It is made by aluminum oxide - cryolite using electrolytic analysis method. Aluminium ingot for industrial using mainly divides into two kinds: cast aluminium alloy and extrusion aluminium alloy.Cast aluminium alloy is produced aluminium by casting. Exrusion aluminium alloy is produced aluminium by extrusion, for example, aluminium bar, aluminium pipe, aluminium tube,etc. At present,most of aluminium profile manufacturers with high quality use “A00” as raw material. Actually, “A00”Aluminium is 99.7% high purity aluminium, which is called “standard aluminium”.(“A00”is the Soviet national standard designation and “A”is the Russian alphabet not English.)

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Some factories use recycled aluminium to produce aluminium for saving cost. It is easy to make the smoothness unqualified and even leads to the rupture of aluminium. Xingfa industrial aluminium profiles use “A00”standard aluminium, which widely used in all kinds of electronic equipment, mechanical equipment, rail transit, bridge construction, space flight and aviation, high-tech military products and so on with a series of professional extrusion production.

aluminium profile