Henan Province Get Rid of Investigation of Captive Power Plants at Aluminium Smelters

Chinese authorities inspects coal-fired captive power plants at aluminium smelter in Henan Province. Henan Province, one of the five main aluminium producing province in China.

Liu Libin, Vice General of Henan Povince Metals Association said that all operating aluminium capacities in the province are in accordance with national standards, therefore, Henan is got out of the list of provinces that are to be inspected.

According to the notice issued by the NDRS and NEA, Chinese Authorities are set to inspect Coal-fired captive power plants at aluminium smelters in six main aluminium producing provinces in China

The six aluminium producing provinces include Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Guangxi and Jiangsu. The aluminium production of Henan province is estimated to be within 3 million tonnes in 2017. Henan produced 2.78 million tonnes of aluminium in 2016.