Producing PVDF aluminium curtain wall

        Fluorocarbon spray-coating (PVDF) means the spray-coating of polyvinylidene fluoride varnish on the matrix surface of aluminum alloy. The more the color uniformity of fluorocarbon coatings is, the more the superior ability of anti-fading and anti-pollution is.
The first process of the process flow for the fluorocarbon coatings is to put the extruded aluminum profiles on the shelf.
       The extruded aluminum profiles should be cleaned many times
It should be put into the chromium pool for chromaking. There will be a fine and stable chromium film on the surface of the aluminum alloy. A good adsorption capacity can improve the paint adhesion.
       The extruded aluminum profiles should be put on the shelf for the second time and polished locally before the spray coating and ensuring there are no dusts on the levelled material. Then the spray coating should be conducted.
       What spray coating for three times and broil for one time needs is to spray with ground coat paint, finishing coat and lac varnish.
spray with ground coat paint and isolation paint
        What spray coating for four times and broil for two times needs is to spray with ground coat paint and isolation paint. After the broil, finishing coat and lac varnish follow.
        The painted sectional material should be put into a curing oven to bake. The end product should be packed and sent into a warehousing after it has passed the inspection.
        The PVDF aluminium profiles are common in aluminium window , aluminium door and aluminium curtain wall manufacturer. To meet the continuously expanding market demand, Xingfa utilizes its product quality standard and customer service standard, to become a perfect enterprise in this industry.