“Never Forget Heart and Making Concerted Efforts”--Xingfa Aluminium 2018 Marketing Conference

On March 13, 2018, Xingfa Aluminium outstanding dealers and clients come to Foshan together to attend 2018 Marketing Conference. Every time we meet together for making progress together. The conference has full agendas and it not only has 2017 summary, but also has 2018 propect.


Working Report

With playing Xingfa Corporate Video, Xingfa Aluminium 2018 Marketing Conference begins.

First, general manager Mr. Liao made working report. He said that one flower, one world; one tree, one heaven; no pain, no gain. In 2017, Xingfa Aluminium has achieved remarkable achievement under the concerted efforts of everyone. Mr. Liao said that “Amazing - My Xingfa”. According to the situation and problems in 2017, Mr. Liao pointed out that we must mobilize the whole company staff, clarify the company's development direction, implement the company's new strategic development and new planning initiatives. “The stage of life as large as your heart”. Xingfa Aluminium must work hard to achieve the more ambitious dream.


Picture·General Manager Mr. Liao Making Working Report

Keynote Speech


Picture·Xingfa Director of Brand Strategy Mr. Luo Making the Speech Serving The People

Mr. Luo pointed out that Xingfa Aluminium will try their best to serve the people. Future is the time of resource integration. It is not only teamwork time but also technology time! How to adapt to the development of the times, achieve service innovation, and create new brilliance.


Picture· Xingfa Home Decoration Department Manager Introduce Xingfa New Product- Paxton Aluminium Window Door System


Picture·Xingfa Group Vice General Manager Made the Speech

In recent years, with the rapid advancement of large-scale infrastructure investment and industrialization in China, the aluminium profile industry in China has developed rapidly and has become the largest extruded aluminium profiles production base and consumer market in the world.


Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony awarded the new and old customers who have made outstanding contributions to the distributors and clients in various aspects in 2017, and also encouraged more distributors to cooperate with Xingfa in 2018. It includes "Best Strategic Partners", "Thanksgiving Award", "Hong Kong and Macao Quality Customer Award", "Retail Excellence Award", "Sale Star Award", "Excellent Sales Award", "Sale Excellence Award" and so on.


"Best Strategic Partners"


"Thanksgiving Award"


"Hong Kong and Macao Quality Customer Award"


"Retail Excellence Award"


"Sale Star Award"


"Sale Excellence Award"

Closing Remarks

Mr. Liu, chairman of Xingfa Group made the final speech. Mr. Liu congratulated everyone’s achievements in 2017 and thanked everyone for their support and efforts. "New times, new thinking, new strategy". Mr. Liu said that under new situation, we need new thinking and new strategies. The beauty of life lies in the integration. The future must belong to us. The great times has given birth to unlimited opportunities. We will take the solemn mission to begin a new journey.


Picture·Chairman Mr. Liu Made Closing Remarks

Reciprocal Banquet


The reciprocal banquet begins under the creative and fashion, high-tech and beauty with creative human-screen interactive video show. The show accompanied with a lot of Chinese characteristics, elements of the times, fashion and technology, such as MJ show and starlight ballet. Everyone held up the glass, shared their happiness. In the joy of happiness and harmony, Xingfa Aluminium 2018 Marketing Conference ends.

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