Xingfa Aluminium is Authorized as Gold Approved Applicator by Akzobel

Xingfa aluminium has complete surface treatment production lines, which can provide anodized aluminium profile, electrophoretic aluminium profile,powder coating aluminium profile and PVDF aluminium profile. Xingfa powder coating aluminium profiles are coated by Akzobel Powder, which is the global famous powder manufacturer.Xingfa aluminium have got the authorization of Akzobel Powder.

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Powder coating is one of the advanced forms in the metal architectural material protection. It also is the most economic solution for surface protection, which can apply in different kind of product. Aluminium profiles will be covered the tough and durable surface by static treatment and fire baking, which have less impact on environment.

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Xingfa aluminium is earlier than other company to brought in the vertical powder coating production line from Italy in the same industry. The powder coating profiles have uniform thickness of powder coating and color with advanced import equipment and strict production control. Colorful powder coating aluminium profiles give designers more inspiration.

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△Xingfa Vertical Powder Coating Production Line

Powder coating means coating the powder on the aluminium profiles by electrostatic interaction.The adhesive force,weather resistance, spalling resistance, ultraviolet resistant of coating is stronger than other surface treatment.

Xingfa Vertical(Horizontal) Powder Coating Production Process:Putting on the Pack → Pre-treatment → Powder Coating → Solidification → Unloading