Xingfa Aluminium Produces Aluminium Profile for Container

Aluminium profiles are widely used in industry. Container also ia made by aluminium profile.

aluminium profile for container001

The container is designed and constructed for the transportation of general cargo on sea (above or under deck) and on land(road or rail) throughout the world, and will be suitable for the environmental conditions imposed by those modes of transport. All materials used in the construction will be able to withstand extreme temperature ranging from -40℃ to 70℃ without effect on container’s strength and watertightness. Therefore, it need good material to impove resistance.

It is one of the best loading methods at present. Using container transport goods, which can be directly in the consigner warehouse to warehouse of the consignee of loading, unloading , midway replacement cars, boats, without the goods from box.

aluminium profile for container002


1) Long-term use repeatedly, and have the enough strength

2) Transport the goods inside without moving which can directly outfit

3) Fast loading and unloading which can directly from a transportation conveniently outfit to another kind of transportation.

We can find steel container, aluminium container and FRP container in the market.

Good aluminium container need to use good aluminium profile. Xingfa Aluminium is top aluminium profile supplier in China, which supply aluminium profile for container to the whole world.