Aluminium Extrusion Suppliers Xingfa Aluminium Show You Around Famous Buildings in The World

Xingfa Aluminum, established in 1984, has 34 years history of corporate brand history is like an invisible dragon-shaped tunnel that runs through time and space. Nowadays, Xingfa Aluminum has become a leading brand in China well-known aluminum industry. From the United States in the Northern Hemisphere to Australia in the Southern Hemisphere, from small residence to the world's top landmark building, you can find the figure of Xingfa Aluminum.
    After continuous development, Xingfa builds an extensive and stable sales network . While gradually building brand-name company in China, Xingfa Aluminium also exported extruded aluminium profiles to overseas markets. There are countless building project using Xingfa Aluminum in the world. For example, domestic provinces and cities include Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Henan, and Anhui. Foreign countries includes Australia, U.S., UAE, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, Dubai, Japan, etc.
Behind these stunning buildings, Xingfa Aluminium have continuous efforts, high-quality extruded aluminium profiles and leading aluminum technology, which make the buildings show its individuality freely and make people enjoy comfortable life.

Aluminium Profile

Located on the land of the UAE, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in Dubai and the tallest building in the world. It also has secure and stable interior space under the dazzling appearance. It is inseparable from the design of Xingfa aluminium curtain wall system. It uses Xingfa aluminum curtain wall with strong hardness, wear-resisting and pressure-resistance. The design of the Y-shaped floor maximizes improves the structural integrity.


The composition of art is often extraordinary. In Milan, Italy, it is a huge trial to build irregular geometric shapes during the Milan Expo. The quality, specification and technical characteristics of Xingfa Aluminium’s extruded aluminium profile are accord with the European Union's technical standards and meet Milan’s local environment climate requirements. The material inspection reports have passed Italy Milan Expo organizing committee acceptance standard.


Macau Venetian Resort is a perfect unity of fun and functionality. The recognizable mirror appearance is decorated with Xingfa glass curtain wall and extruded aluminium profile to reduce the load bearing on the roof and avoid the potential risks such as water leakage and collapse. It becomes a symbolic landmark in Macau.


As a Beijing landmark and national building, Beijing Great Hall of the People covers all aspects of Xingfa energy-saving aluminum doors and windows. The building has a ‘mountain’ shape with lower two wings and higher center. Not only does it have excellent performance in functionality, but also it occupies a prominent position in the creation of space aesthetics.
Looking around the world, we can find many projects used Xingfa Aluminum: Macau Sands Casino, Dubai Infinity Tower, US World Market Center, Beijing Master Card Center, Hong Kong Disneyland, Thailand G-Tower, etc... Xingfa Aluminum has created countless classics and presented a splendid building view all over the world!