Xingfa Aluminium, Standing in the Typhoon

Living in a region prone to frequent and seasonal natural disasters, like Typhoon, China is involved in the safety of high-rise building program. No.8 Typhoon hit the front of Macao in 1991, June. In 2015, Typhoon “Rainbow” cross Zhanjiang (Chinese City). According to the local media, the high-rise building using Xingfa Aluminium still stand in the wind after the strike of Typhoon “Rainbow”.

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This year, Super Typhoon “Meranti” hit the front of Xiamen, sheets of rain slanted across the road. The whole city was destroied in the strong wind and the city was a mess. The municipal facilities was serious damage and people living had been without mains water and electricity . After Typhoon “Maranti”, we can not find previous beautiful scenery.

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The typhoon of force is up to force 12, which is one of the strongest typhoon in the world this year. It caused a direct economic loss of 16.9 billion yuan. Destructive power is greatly exceed No.14 Typhoon in 1999. Super Typhoon “Meranti” make the view of Xiamen beyond recognition.

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Especially , the coastal building, the glass of sea view room is all broken . Without consolidus aluminium profile and the protection of window&doors, there was a mess in the house . The glass window was broken and cullet sprayed one land. People living have been faced lots of problems , for example, water shortage, power shortage and so on. However, the senior residences Henheqishang , located in Wuyuan Bay , have stood the strike of typhoon. It’s one of Top 10 senior residences in Asia , which uses Xingfa hollow glass curtain wall.

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▲Xingfa Project:Henheqishang · Curtain Wall · Powder Coating

A good anvil does not fear hammer. Xingfa professional quality can be stood the strike of typhoon. Xiamen have many projects using Xingfa Aluminium, for example, Xtep Operations Center, Yuzhou Square, Fuxing International Center.

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▲Xingfa Project:Xtep Operations Center · Curtain Wall · PVDF

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▲Xingfa Project:Yuzhou Square · Curtain Wall · PVDF Outside · Powder Coating Inside

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▲Xingfa Project:Fuxing International Center · Curtain Wall · Powder Coating

Using aluminium curtain wall, choosing Xingfa Aluminium. Xingfa curtain wall provide many kinds of products for clients to choose. Xingfa have Chuango Fully-exposed-frame Curtain Wall, Fully-hidden-frame Curtain Wall, Single Piece Glass Curtain Wall, Hollow Glass Curtain Wall .

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