Xingfa Aluminium Warmly Welcome Peking University-Huangpu Classmate Association


The Communication and Learning Activity of Peking University-Huangpu Classmate Association received a complete success in March 24-27. Peking University-Huangpu Classmate Association is a most powerful coomercial association in the area of real estate, which is the first outstanding commercial organization. The four-day activity is lush and firm, which includes “New Plan of Tax on Real Estate Enterprises after Replacing the Business Tax with a Value-added Tax” , “Entrepreneur’s Wealth Management and Inheritance” , “Policy Analysis on Real Estate after NPC & CPPCC. Famous tax planning expert Xu Mingxin, Beijing Bank General Manager Nie Junfeng and consultant of the Sate Council Chen Quansheng are invited to take lessons.


△Class Scene


As a top aluminium profile enterprise in China,Xingfa Aluminium always keep the core value “Creating Value, Share Together”. Xingfa Aluminium focus on aluminium window, aluminium door and industrial aluminium profile in thirty years. Xingfa Aluminium sincerely invites the entrepreneurs of Peking University-Huangpu Classmate Association to communciation together. Peking University-Huangpu Classmate Association visit Xingfa showroom, physical and chemical testing center , workshop and so on. Xingfa leaders introduce Xingfa’s development history, Xingfa’s enterprise culture, Xingfa’s enterprise vision, Xingfa’s marketing pattern, production process to visitors. Visitors accept Xingfa’s model after listening the introduction and hope to develop bussiness relationship with Xingfa Aluminium.



△Xingfa’s leader take visitors show Xingfa Museum around



△Entrepreneurs See Xingfa’s Product


△Visit Xingfa Physical and Chemical Testing Center



△Visit Xingfa Production Workshop