Xingfa's Project in Zhejiang Province

The South of the Lower Reaches of the Yangze River- Xingfa’s Project in Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang is located in the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta on the southeast coast of China. It faces the East China Sea on the east and neighbors Fujian on the south. With an extensive hinterland in the rear, it shares borders with Jiangxi and Anhui on the west and Shanghai, the country's largest city, and Jiangsu on the north. 

Zhejiang is renowned for its picturesque landscapes. It boasts well-known mountains such as Yandang Mountain, Xuedou Mountain, Tianmu Mountain, Tiantai Mountain and Xiandu Mountain, and famous lakes such as the West Lake in Hangzhou, the East Lake in Shaoxing, the South Lake in Jiaxing, the Dongqian Lake in Ningbo and the North-South Lake in Haiyan. The Thousand-Islet Lake in Chun’an County of Hangzhou is the largest man-made lake in the country. Major rivers in the province include the Qiantang River, the Oujiang River, and the Nanxi River. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through the northern part of the province, and merges into the Qiantang River in Hangzhou. Xingfa Aluminium, Top 10 aluminium profile supplier in China, have many projects in Zhejiang.

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center 


Shaoxing Prosperous Time Building


Hangzhou Xintiandi 


Shaoxing Peninsula Hotel


Hangzhou Shihua Building


The Heart of Yiwu


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