Aluminium Profile Common Problem

Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth crust.
It makes up 8.63% of the earth crust after oxygen and silicon, its the most abundant metal. Aluminium profile is one of nonferrous metal which has wide application. Aluminium profile is mainly made of 82% pure ingot. In order to enhance strength, hardness, wear resistance,and aluminium profile will be mixed carbon, magnesium, silicon, sulfur to compose aluminium alloy.
Aluminium profile can be made lots of aluminium profile supplier products by casting, extrusion, other surface treatment, like anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating and PVDF. Aluminium profile can make lots of products, like aluminium window, aluminium door, aluminium curtain wall, metro cylinder manifold profile, container board, aluminium tube and so on.
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Aluminium profile has widely use. Now, Xingfa Aluminium, Top 1 aluminium profile manufacturer in China can helps you to find the cause of common quality problem.
Pull Trail: it is caused by the temperature and extrusion speed of aluminium ingot.
Scratch: it is caused by the graphite in discharge hole,the abrasion of roller and belt.
Bend: it is caused by the temperature and strength of stretch.
Deformation: it is caused by the broken of mould or lacking of spacer block in the process of extrusion stretch.
Low Hardness: it is caused by the temperature of aluminium ingot. The speed of cooling and the alloy.