Aluminium Profile Powder Coating

The powder coating means to spray the powder on the surface of the aluminum profiles matrix with the help of electrostatic interaction. There is a strong ability or capacity with the coating in aspect of weather resisting and spalling resistance and UV resistance.
First step: the extruded aluminium profile 
The extruded aluminum profile should be cleaned many times at the pretreatment zone according to the procedure, aiming at the greasy dirts on the surface. Then it should be put into the chromium pool for chromaking. There will be a fine and stable chromium film on the surface of the aluminum profiles. A good adsorption capacity can improve the paint adhesion.
Second step: put into a drying oven to dry then sent into the spray-coating area
Then the chromated aluminum should be put into a drying oven to dry then sent into the spray-coating area for powder spraying coating which should be solidified at the temperature of 200°C in a defined time. It should be packed and sent into a warehousing after it has cooled and passed the examination.
The powder coating aluminium profiles are common in aluminium window & door manufacturer and aluminium curtain wall. Xingfa Aluminium had set up its five production bases one after another in Yichun Jiangxi of Eastern China, Chengdu Sichuan of South west China, and Qinyang Henan of Central China to produce aluminium profile. Foshan and Nanhai subsidiaries has implemented zero distance strategy that we insist in producing in local,customer in local, serve in local.