First Step of Producing Aluminium Profile

The first step of producing aluminium profile is casting aluminium ingot.
Casting means the melting aluminium alloy in order to produce aluminum bars with the qualified composition and structure property.
The first process of the casting process is burdening. The aluminium ingot and intermediate alloy are mixed with the corresponding proportions. The aluminium ingot should be put into a melting furnace , then it is melted by the natural gas burning (900°C).
aluminium alloy should be adjusted according to the alloy requirement
 The proportion of aluminium alloy should be adjusted according to the aluminium channel manufacturer and alloy requirement. The aluminum liquid should be deslaged and degased in order to improved its quality.
 After the refining completed, the aluminum liquid should be kept in a stationary state for a while, then extract it to where the microfiltration is conducted. Then extract it to the mold to conduct a continuous casting, thus the aluminum bars with each size are produced.
The aluminum bars should be put into a homogenizing furnace for ingredient homogenization treatment and thus the ingot residual stress shall be removed in order to improve the processing performance and promote the squeezing speed.