How to use Aluminium Pipe

aluminium pipe has huge application
There has a nice building in Goyang, Korea. The building covers white aluminium pipe fences outside which looks like wave. We can see the inside arrangement through the fence, we can see that some is solid wall and some is empty. The space also because on any account is strewn at random. 
Project designer IROJE KHM said that he got the inspiration from the handrail in the school. Due to the permeability of handrail, it makes sunshine into the uptown. There are lots of round holes on the handrail which looks like cobblestone.
Aluminium pipe profiles use high-intensity aluminium alloy
most of room is irregular because of the designers arrange different kind of triangle courtyard and composite structure .Stairs indoors and outdoors which make the building looks like maze.
Just now we talk about aluminum pipe which play the roles of function and decoration. Aluminium pipe is one kind of nonferrous metal tube. Aluminium pipe profiles use high-intensity aluminium alloy and use anodic oxidation to improve the corrosion resistant ability. Aluminium pipe also can be used in moulding material, vehicle, aerospace aviation, machining equipments and so on.
Aluminium alloy will be got well machining performance 
aluminium pipe supplier have low density but have higher strength and good plasticity which is better than high-grade steel. It can be processed all kinds of profiles and uses widely in the industry.
Aluminium alloy will be got well machining performance, physical performance and corrosion resistance by heat treatment. Duralumin belongs to AI—Cu—Mg Series and has good hardness but the plasticity is not good.
In order to show the beauty of building for long time, extrusion aluminium pipe need to be protected. People usually protect aluminium pipe with anodic oxidation.