The History of Extruded Aluminium Profile

The development of foreign extruded aluminium profile is more early than Chinese. Alcoa Inc. initiated extrusion machine’s quenching process in 1943. And researched 7123 aluminium alloy successfully , which make breakthrough in architectural aluminium profile. 
Chinese architectural extruded aluminium industry started in Guangdong Province in March , 1970. At that time ,the second light industry aluminium industry company of Guangzhou and China-HK aluminium company jointly invested Yuancun aluminium factory in Guangzhou.
With the rapid development in Chinese economy in the 1970s, a lot of state-owned aluminium enterprise started to put into production , Xingfa Aluminium  manufacturer also started at that time. 
finished the transform of modern extruded aluminium profile 
China blows the aluminium profile wave since 1991 and the amount of Chinese extrued aluminium profile company has also increased. After ten years’development, traditional extruded aluminium gradually finished the transform of modern extruded aluminium profile. The trend of aluminium profile from semi-finished product to finished product is obvious. In domestic architectural market ,aluminium formwork has mainly used in Hong Kong and Macau first , has gradually developed into mainland from Shenzhen and Zhuhai. 
 In the beginning of 21st century, it is the high-speed development period of extrued aluminium profile. At present, American, Japan, Germany, are the main aluminium machining countries and area. 
With the change of market demand, Xingfa Aluminium will continue to bring forth new products constantly in the aluminium industry.