The advantages of G-TOWER

G-Tower is located at the intersection of Rama 9 and Ratchadaphisek Roads. It looks like letter “G” so that it was named “G-Tower”. For the ultimate convenience in corporate travel, GTower Hotel sets a new global benchmark with its exceptional blend of business and leisure.
It is going to be the main building of The Grand Rama 9 that has already had various facilities.  It is also adjacent to the Ampang Park LRT station, offers access to the city’s popular destinations and is within walking distance to KLCC. The Grand Rama 9 is now set to become Bangkok’s most comprehensive project. It will be able to serve a number of tourists and business people every day.
Firstly, it will have high-rise buildings for premium offices from aluminium door manufacturer. Meeting international standards, these buildings will be ready to function 24-hours a day to facilitate the work flow of global firms. Target groups are those from insurance industry, securities trading industry, brokering services and financial counseling services. Secondly, G-Tower will include a six-star hotel to accommodate the world’s top-class guests. Thirdly, it will present an attraction in the form of an observation tower that will bring visitors to the skyline so that they can enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Bangkok. It will be the first luxury lifestyles center that provides the most comprehensive service in Thailand.