The status of aluminum tube

According the method of press, aluminum tube can divide into seamless aluminum tubes, and ordinary extrusion tube. Aluminum tubes, including precision aluminum tube generally need to be re-processed after extrusion, such as cold drawn fine pumping, rolling.
Aluminum tube by thickness can divide into ordinary aluminum and thin-walled aluminum tube.
Aluminum tubes are widely used in different industry, such as: cars, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electrical and mechanical ect. Aluminum tubes in our lives have been everywhere.
But now, the currently of aluminium tube supplier is not good. Although the current aluminum tube and smelting raw materials prices are relatively low, but its cost of driving power during the year is still increasing. This is mainly driven some aspects:
Environmental costs increase
At this stage, the biggest problem is not overcapacity, but the wastes exceeded. This situation has caused a high degree of concern. Aluminum tube industry is expected within a new year will face greater efforts to environmental law enforcement, which generally increase corporate governance pollution spending.
energy costs Increase
 Mainly by the global economic recovery and geopolitical tensions, some areas significantly reduce coal , increase the use of natural gas and other clean energy use, that will also increase the overall energy costs. In addition, the decision-making departments promote reform in  energy production and consumption, including the full implementation of the gasoline IV standard. The gas prices increasing make the overall increase in energy costs.