Aluminium Extrusion Factory:The Development and Excellent Performance of Aluminium Handrail

Aluminium handrail are widely used in lots of real estate industries. Aluminium handrail are also found everywhere in life. Because of safety or the need for regional requirement, aluminium handrail is the part of the building or environment.

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The materials for the construction of aluminium handrail include wood, stone, concrete, brick, tile, bamboo, metal, organic glass, plastic and so on. The design of aluminium handrail requires safety, beauty and practicality. Therefore, aluminium handrail profiles should be selected the material of good weather ability, durability, energy conservation and environmental protection. Aluminum alloy is widely used in handrail at present and it has the following characteristics:

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First, the surface of aluminum handrail is tightly adhered to the hard aluminum anodizing film and after surface treatment, it can enhance its protective performance further. Therefore, it has strong corrosion resistance and not easy to oxidation and get rusty. It can be used safely more than 30 years in the air pollution In areas with poor weather.

Second, the weight of aluminum is much lighter than iron, steel and copper and it is one-third of iron, steel, and copper, but its hardness is several times than of iron, steel, and copper. It can withstand tensile forces and high impact forces, which is better than other traditional construction materials. Lightweight aluminum handrail are not only low-carbon, environmentally friendly, easy to handle, but also easy to install and transport. They are widely used in commercial construction materials at present.

Third, the unique advantages of extruded aluminium profiles can be applied to a variety of different surface technologies. We can use powder coating, anodization, electrophoresis and so on. Powder coating protects extruded aluminium profiles against ultraviolet light, maintains long-lasting gloss without frequent maintenance. Powder coating is durable and it is available in a variety of colors. The surface is anodized in accordance with industry standards. After the sanding and electrophoresis treatment, natural metallic luster can be produced on the surface of extruded aluminium profiles.

According to China Residential Design Standard, the net height of balcony handrail for low-rise and multi-storey residential buildings should not be less than 1.05m , and the net height of balcony handrail in middle-rise and high-rise residential buildings should not be less than 1.10m.

The earliest aluminum handrail originated in Europe. In China, aluminum handrail industry has gone through more than 20 years history. It is reported that driven by the development of the real estate industry in the future, aluminum handrail still have a lot of development in the future market because of their characteristics such as corrosion resistance, small amount of deformation, strong fire resistance, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving.

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