Aluminium Extrusion Factory Told You : How to Choose Casement Window

As we all known, aluminium window and door is become more and more diverse and the design is become more and more multiple. Now, aluminium extrusion factory Xingfa Aluminium told you how to choose casement window.


1.The advantage of casement window

Because internal inverted location is one type of casement window to make the air in the room airy and clean, meanwhile, it eliminates the possibility that the rain enter into the room. It is no doubt that clean air creates suitable living environment.

The linkage hardware around the window sash, the handle operating in the room and the window sash fixing on the frame when window closed make the window have excellent safety and security.

③Easy to Clean the Window
The operation is easy to make the sash from outside turn into inside. It makes cleaning outside surface of the window more convenient and safe.

It avoid internal inverted window occupied indoor space while opening and inconvenient of hanging curtain and installing lift clothes hanger.

⑤Good Sealing and Thermal Insulation Performance
Through multiple locking around the window sash to ensure the sealing of doors& windows and thermal insulation effect.

2.Casement Window Application

①Chinese Architecture
Traditional Chinese Architecture always have Eastern peculiar temperament, for example, goodmannered and introverted.

②European Architecture
European have big difference with Eastern. They are born with a dream for freedom. Therefore, we can find their impetuosity of horse and romantic style. Although eastern introverted and western wild two kind of culture are different, people like to use casement window after its establishment.

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