Aluminium Extrusion Profiles, More but Not Just Windows & Doors


When people talk about aluminium extrusion profiles, the first impression is windows and doors as it’s harness and functional performances.

Aluminium is a type metal. Aluminium extrusion profiles is created by adding other type of metals. It leads that aluminium profiles will be much more stronger in term of hardness, low density, good radiations and light weight.

In fact, aluminium extrusion profiles is more just windows and doors. Because of it’s excellent physical properties, it was first applied in boat, vehicles, aviation manufacture as a necessary materials.


Here are some examples of aluminium profiles application in high-tech industry


1. Rail Traffic

By the development if rail traffic industry, rail traffic is becoming a one of the most important commuting everyday. Carriage main body is an necessary component. It is made up of six segments, bottom, front, back, two sides and top. According to the lightweight requirement, engineers come up the designs of hollow aluminium profiles by welding. It helps to maintain the hardness and security.



Comparing to rolled steel main body, aluminium alloy has the advantage of light. Its density is only one third of steel. In line with that, each aluminium alloy carriage will be one ton lighter than steel. In the end, each carriage reduce consuming in electricity about 10,000 to 15,000 kw/h every year. Aluminium alloy has a competitive advantages in chemical properties in terms of anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance. Aluminium alloy itself is an recyclable material. It is exceedingly good that in nature, aluminum alloy has a ability to form a alumina film on its surface. It is securing the corrosion resistance and durable for more that thirty years. In terms of air tightness, welding structure enhance the air tightness and beautify the outlook when surface treatment has been done. Duet to aluminium alloy’s physical and chemical properties, the demand for it increases from year to year.


2. Ships and boats


Experts expect that in the future of China, the demand for aluminium alloy boats and ships will go over 20 billion worth of RMB in terms of commuting, trip and reinforcements.

Among this, passengers transport ships are in tough moments. According to the rules and regulations from the government,speed boats that elder than ten years will be categorized as obsolete boat. Obsolete boat has an abandon date of 25 years. Before 1995, there were 31 speed passengers boat in Guangdong, China that is 52% of total quantity. These boat will be abandon in a few years later from now.


At the moment, shipping services require well-equipped gears. Therefore, aluminium alloy speed boat will be a priority development. There are around 180 passengers piers in China. 12 of them are competitively at scale where located in Hainan, Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Niaoning, Fujian, Jiangsu and other provinces.


If 25% of aluminium alloy ships from all the pier around China upgrades base on standards that issued by Guangdong Province; with the prediction of 50 million each, the upgrade market will be worth about 1.8 billion RMB.


3. Vehicles


Vehicle industry has the competitively highest demand for aluminium at the moment. And China is the world biggest vehicle manufacture country. Therefore, the aluminium alloy application in Chinese car industry has a huge potential.


According to the data from government, China has 0.6 billion people and a quarter of country area are suffering from haze. 27% of CO2 emission are coming from car fuel burning. The increasing of car parc rate cause that environment faces a set of serious challenges. Under this situation, vehicles are appealing for Green development and directly using recycle materials such as aluminium to reduce waste and energy cost.


Under the pressure of environment and fuel consumption, vehicle lightweight is becoming a global consensus in car market. Aluminium alloy is an important part of vehicle lightweight and is no longer just a slogan under the trend of ‘From steel to aluminium’. Many of car manufacturers abroad are one step ahead on this.


Automechanika Frankfurt in 2015, Jaguar launched the first full aluminium body SUV world wide. Chinese manufacturers are also able to apply these technologies in car main body with aluminium alloy plates, extrusion and intensive processing. There will be a huge potential of aluminium alloy car body in the future, The vehicle aluminium alloy market is worth 250 billion RMB.


4. Aviation


Aluminium alloy has a huge potential in aviation that strong aluminium alloy can be a load bearing spare part taking from 30%-35% of total aluminium profiles usage. At present, aluminium alloy material in aviation are including casting alloy, forging alloy, large size extrusion alloy, plate alloy and so on. Chinese full-homemade passengers airplanes ARJ21-700 and C919 have aluminium alloy more than 65%-75% out of total weight. Strong aluminium extrusion alloy is taking 30%-35% of total aluminium alloy usage. Chinese aviation is stepping into a rapid development stage. Private jet, passenger and cargo aircraft has an increase trending outputs. Then the usage of aluminum alloy in aviation will also increase.




5. Home furnishing

By the development of society, living standard and the demand for quality life is also increasing constantly. The most typical demand for quality life is home furnishing and it has a huge differences from past. People are looking for changing in material in terms of green, recycle, easy-install, fashion.


Under this situation, aluminium home furnishing is coming up for customers surprisingly. In fast pace life, the advantages of aluminium furnishing, recyclable, durable, nonflammable,insect-prevention,damp-proof are superior than traditional decoration material. And aluminium furnishing is more and more popular and gaining customer favor, market recognition and share.


6. Flood control


18th of July, “Second Flood of 2020 in Yangtze River’ approached Three Gorges Dam, the down stream city Wuhan, as a hydraulic junction of Hanjiang River, Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake,which played a important role of flood controlling. A day before, a long and extended brand-new aluminium installed flood control engineering project was being used on Yueliang Coast, Wuchang River in order to release the pressure of flood.


This type of flood control plates are strong and eye-catching and becoming a landmark of Yangtze River. People are calling it Chinese ‘Aqua Arms’. The news stated that flood control aluminium units had been used in many water-gates in Wuhan.


Data stated that this flood control unit was make of 6061-T6 aluminium alloyed that has the advantages of strong hardness, anti-corrosion, strong retainability of water eroding and pressure. Each unit has a width of 20cm, thickness 4cm with around 9mm-19.5mm of films, maximum length around 360cm. The vacuum design reduces the total weight; electro-coating surface treatment; using EPDM rubber instead of joining installation which has more than 99% of water proof ability. Comparing with traditional concrete and landfill, aluminium flood control units have the advantage of easy installation. 2 persons can install 70meters long of flood control units in a day. If have sufficient labour, 800 meters long of flood control units can be done in hours that may bring a huge benefit in flood control emergency. These flood control units are detachable when they are necessary so that it may reduce the effects to the natural environment.


At present, this type of flood control units have been widely used in Europe, played an essential role in Austria, German, Netherlands during flood period. Chinese designs of flood control units have been practiced and tested for a long time. Technology and function are tending to be stable in terms of water proof and installation.


7. Aluminium Pedestrian Bridge


Norsk Hydro stated that in recent days, organizations from Norway conducted a statement of road constructions. It said that aluminium is a low cost and weather fixable bridge building material as a replacement of steel.  

Risks analyst Daniel Tran from Norwegian Public Roads Administration said that aluminium has many advantages. Aluminium is resisting to rust without painting due to its oxidation films. Aluminium from bridge is 100% recyclable. Therefore, aluminium is a competitively better material choice to satisfy variable weather, low cost requirements. The ongoing project ‘Langenuen Bridge’ is one of the biggest infrastructure project, part of new E39 coast highway. It is aiming to replace cruising with bridges to reduce cost of transport and increase efficiency.

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