Aluminium Profile

Xingfa Aluminium, a reliable aluminium profile manufacturer, has more than 35 years of experience in custom aluminum extrusions manufacturing and owns a large inventory of extrusion tooling used to produce aluminum profiles. Our advanced extruding machines & combination of experience and expertise mean that we can always offer you affordable and quality aluminium extrusion products at any time.

Production Process of Aluminium Profile
· The first casting process is completed in three steps: aluminum ingot, molten aluminum, cast aluminum.
· The second production process: Extruding shaping completes: extruding aluminum product, stretch forming, cutting, preheating, and cold in two steps.
· The third production process: Surface treatment is completed in six types: electrophoresis, powder coating, anodizing, mill finish, wood grain/wood finish, and PVDF.
· The fourth production process: Further Processing is completed in two steps: punching drilling bending, finished product
· After four steps of production aluminum extrusions with different shapes and functions are produced.