Aluminium Window Supplier Tells You The Guidance of Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Doors

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Aluminium windows& aluminium doors play an essential role in home furnishing, affect the home-style functions and life quality such as security, quiet. Therefore, there is a choosing scenario for those who may have concerns on price, functions. With regards to that, people should think of these factors when buying windows and doors:


01.Aluminium profiles is the basic of durability and hardness.

The durability and hardness of aluminium windows and aluminium doors lean on aluminium profiles. Normally, aluminium windows and aluminium doors use a strong, anti-corrosion, tension aluminium alloy. China has a set of standards to aluminium windows and doors including the surface treatment quality. Thickness, strength and oxidation films should reach national standards. Thin aluminium profiles may cause serious security issues such as bending.


02 Glass-- More than 80% area of aluminium windows and doors, more reasonable choices


There are more than 80% area of glass each aluminium window and doors. Choices of aluminium windows are various with different functions suitable for different usages. Comparing hollow and vacuum glass with normal glass, hollow glass use two or more pieces of glasses to combine with advantages of sound-proof and manufacture efficiently. Vacuum glass is way better than normal double glass. Tempered glass is always better than normal glass in terms of physical functions such as hardness, bending, impacting and post-damaging security while and after splintering.

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03 Hardware -- affecting aluminium doors and windows performances and choosing it discreetly with brands and details

Hardware’s quality affects the movement of aluminium windows and doors for long term use and security. Considering the security and durability, handle and hinge are also important. Stainless steel hardware is much better than others. Generally speaking, we can identify the best hardware via colour, oxidation conditions, surface scratches and so on.

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04 Manufacture technique-- the basis of quality

As a factory worker, familiarity with an assembly line and manufacturing processes are extremely important. The quality of aluminium profiles, crafting, cutting and angles (usually 45 or 90 degrees) may affect the air-tightness, using smoothness.

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05 Appearance-- Market requires new designs, colours, shapes, profiles and different spare parts.

The appearance is the first impression to customers when they are being sold at the final distribution channel stages. Most customers are impressed by the outlook and the designs of glass instead of the surface film. This oxidation film on the surface is able to against scratches, corrosion. It is also fire-proof and shinning. Therefore, choosing aluminium windows requires cross-comparison.


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06 Price-- quantitative demonstration of quality, branding and sales

The price of aluminium windows and doors have a strong correlation with the price of aluminium ingot, but it is intended to be stable in a period of time. Generally speaking, good quality products have an average price margin of 30%. Poor quality products are usually made of recycled aluminium scraps that mostly are inferior in hardness, bending abilities, security and not valid for national standards. Xingfa aluminium, a leading aluminium profile supplier controls the raw-material from the sources to secure the quality. Metal spare parts and branding also affect the price of aluminium windows and doors.


07 Functions-- affecting the comfort of living, wind, noise,warmness, security and rain

The function of windows and doors are relative to usage environment base on several aspects below:

Material decides the ability to against pressure.

Structure decide the air-tightness to wind and breeze. Water tightness requires grooves to help direct the flow to prevent hydrops and leakage. Noise-proof and others are affected by air-tightness, designed and other spare parts.

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08 Credibility-- developing requires credit, the core of brand and competitiveness.

Choosing the brands should focus on business credibility and quality. These brands have a considerable size of manufacture,quality and services monitoring system. By checking their certificates may help examine these manufactures.


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Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is the leading aluminium window supplier in China. Xingfa Aluminium has been persisting on the approaches of combining independent research&development and cooperation with domestic and overseas scientific research institutes. Relying on our own four national and five provincial R&D platforms, Xingfa always keeps close cooperation of industry, university and research to provide strong guarantee for the improvement of the company's technology research and development capability, thus forming self-owned core competence.

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