Anodized Aluminium Profile

Anodized aluminum profile, as the name suggests, applies anodizing technology. Xingfa, a professional manufacturer of aluminum profiles, has a deep knowledge of anodic oxidation technology. The purpose of anodizing is to prevent the extruded aluminum surface from damage and wear. The anodizing process covers the metal with a protective layer of aluminum oxide. The amount of protection is determined by the thickness of the layer applied to the metal component in the aluminum extrusion industry. When raw aluminum is exposed to oxygen, aluminum oxide spontaneously forms. Anodizing aluminum only makes this natural layer thicker, making it more weatherproof over time.
The Advantages of Anodized Aluminium Profile
· Corrosion Resistant:  
Anodizing aluminum profile improves the corrosion resistance of a naturally corrosion-resistant material, allowing it to be utilized in harsh settings while maintaining its aesthetic and structural features.
· Visual Aesthetics: 
When treating aluminum, such as with powder coating, it is typically at the expense of its natural luster. The anodizing process, on the other hand, keeps aluminum's shine and enhances its aesthetic features.
· Recyclable:
Anodizing is a treatment that is considered environmentally friendly and green due to the special chemistry involved in anodizing. Anodized aluminum can be reused several times because aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials available.