Anodized Process Makes Aluminium Profiles Colorful

Aluminium have become widely used in people’s life and industry. With development of aluminium processing industry, the surface treatment of aluminium is necessary for aluminium profile process. After the surface treatment, aluminium profiles have improved in wear-resistant,corrosion-resistant,light-fastness and weather-resistant performance, but more importantly, have brighter color. The building, daily-use aluminium, decoration and handicraft article, making by colorful aluminium profile , can fit the customer’s specific needs. Therefore, the application value of aluminium profiles are greatly increasing. Generally speaking, the surface treatment includes anodic oxidation, electrophoresis, powder coating, PVDF, polish, planting and so on, which anodic oxidation play an important role.


▲Camera Len Making by Anodized Aluminium Profile

iphone aluminium materital

▲Mobile Phone Making by Anodized Aluminium Profile

Mobile Phone Making by Anodized Aluminium Profile

▲Charger Baby Making by Anodize Aluminium Profile

bike by Anodize Aluminium Profile

▲Bicycle Making by Anodized Aluminium Profile

Anodized process is the process of putting aluminium profiles as positive pole into electrolyte solution and making the surface form anodized film by electrolytic action. Aluminium profile can be made electrolytic coloring after anodic oxidation. Over time, the color is changed from light to dark, which can become many color.

Process: Putting on the Pack → Pre-treatment → Anodic Oxidation → Electrolytic Coloring → Sealing → Unloading

 Aluminium Anodized Production Line

▲Xingfa Aluminium Anodized Production Line

Anodized Profiles

▲Anodized Profiles

Due to the difference of worker, process, equipment and operation in the actual production, the color aberration of each batch have definite difference. Xingfa Aluminium can produce colorful anodized aluminium profiles and have professional production team to control quality.


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