China Classification Society awards Certificate of Works Approval to Xingfa Aluminium

China Classification Society is one of the earliest certificate authority in China, which belongs to national vessel technical inspection agency. It also is the unique agency worked for the vessel classification inspection business. China Classification Society with Loyd’s Register of Shipping, American Bureau of Shipping, DET NORSKE VERITAS is the regular member in International Association of Classification Societies. China Classification Society plays a unique role in protecting the security of vessel with professional knowledge.

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Recently, China Classification Society awards Certificate of Works Approval to Xingfa Aluminium, which means Xingfa Aluminium can fix the quality management system of vessel classification societies. Therefore, aluminium profile for ship in Xingfa has got admission of ship’s production and it is the acknowledgement to Xingfa aluminium profile.

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The application of aluminium profile in shipbuilding has a long history. From thousands of tons of ocean research ship, commercial ship to barge, they also use aluminium profile. With the development of ocean economy, many countries have pay much attention of shipbuilding industry and aluminium fabrication. Now, aluminium fabrication is developing toward technological, refined, upmarket direction. Therefore, it is very important to improve product’s quality. Xingfa aluminium never stop the step of innovation and provide good quality aluminium profile.