Why Choose Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd?

1) Excellent Quality

Gradually establish and improve and perfect the product quality assurance system , and with the production progressing, make the quality assurance system perfect gradually, product quality keep stable in high quality.

Have passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and management system and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system , the GJB9001B-2009 military quality management system certification, Norway DNV certification.

Continuously obtain “The America Pacific Coast Construction Industry Fair Gold Medal Gold Medal”, “The Star of the International Quality Platinum Award”, “International Quality Star Diamond Award” and other series of top honors.

2) Advanced Technology

Xingfa aluminium frame suppliers introduce the most advanced production equipment and technology in the world comprehensively, reduce costs continuously, thus improve the production capacity of our company. We also own the largest and most advanced vertical spraying production line, vertical electrophoresis production line introduced from Japan, the casting rod equipment imported from the United States, aluminium bar homogenous furnace that imported from the British, their production efficiency is high.

3) Authoritative Testing

We have built the first national certification laboratory that is the physical and chemical testing center, our inspection report is approved by our country and trusted by mutual international.

We also imported upside-down microscope, photoelectric spectrum analyzer from Germany, Xenon lamp aging tester ,salt spray testing machine, these equipments are advanced and complete in the world.

Testing covers all fields of production and sales, we must carry out factory entrance inspection on Anodized aluminium profile, production process control testing, finished product and semi-manufactured quality testing and closed-loop quality control. We have built Xingfa-South China University of technology &joint surface engineering technology research center” with this university.

4) Information Integration

Our company is the first enterprise to apply “ERP modern management information network project”, we take the lead in Pursuing the way to “ Information technology drives industrialization” from a unique vision.

Building ERP enterprise management system, OA office automation system, manufacturing execution system (MES), customer service system (CRM), and three-dimensional storage system and so on, our object is to realize process integration of logistics, cash flow, information flow and trans-department. There by improve operational efficiency and overall operation management level of our enterprise.

We have successively obtained “ Foshan Manufacturing Information Engineering Demonstration Enterprise”, “Guangdong Informatization and Industrialization Fusion Production Process Digitization Reconstruction Demonstration Project”. In 2011, depending on automatic stereo warehouse system, xingfa aluminium was awarded the honor: “ The Best Practice Prize in Chinese Manufacturing Informatization Industry”.

5) Environmental Protection

Our company adheres to the concept of “ green energy – saving during whole process” and integrate energy conservation and emissions reduction concept into the whole process of production and operation activities.

We implement concentrated photovoltaic application demonstration projects, our factory has 120000 square meter roof construction of photovoltaic projects, a total installed capacity of 11.3mw. In this way, we can relieve the tense situation of electricity effectively, save coal and water resources and reduce emissions of different pollutants, protect our ecological environment. In 2014, our company’s project Aluminium Production Line of Air Pollutants Emission Reduction Technology Reconstruction , it was awarded as “national industry cleaning production demonstration project”. We are the only emterprise to gain this project honor in Guangdong province. In addition, we also successively gain honors as follows: “cleaning production enterprise of Guangdong province” and “the first batch pilot place of resource conservation-oriented and environmental-friendly enterprise.

6) Based on China and Service all over the World

We must bring our resource advantages of industrial layout into full play and so as to create unique strategy of “zero distance and perfect service”.

We establish professional technical service team to provide technical support and services comprehensively for window, door, curtain wall types of companies and owners , help them to develop and improve product, provide special solution scheme for projects or have technical tracking and deal with some problems in coordination way on the spot.

We establish customer scientific management system, make customer management system perfect, customer satisfaction investigation and analysis, customer complaint handling mechanism to explore and research the new cooperation mechanism and business model with our customers, in order to create greater value for them.

7) Innovation

Our company leader support enterprise technology innovation work strongly and increase science and technology and development fund, so has output numerous scientific and technological achievements.

At present, it has existed “post-doctoral scientific workstation,” “national laboratory”, “provincial enterprise technology center”, “focus on aluminium profile engineering technology research and development center of Guangdong Province” and “Guangdong Xingfa aluminium high-end aluminium alloy material research institute” and many other research and development platforms. Has successively established a long-term stable cooperative relation with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Central South University, South China University of technology, Guangdong University of Technology , Guangzhou Institute of non-ferrous metals universities and research institutes and so on.

Technological innovation has got innumerable great achievements. In 2007, Xingfa has been awarded “Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress” by State Council, “National Key New Product” was successively conferred on our company product by Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce in 2004 and 2011. In 2005, we won “National Torch Program Project” of National Science and Technology Department . In addition, we also received awards of national technical standards. Any other awards that can prove scientific and technology Department. In addition, we also received awards of national technical standards. Any other awards that can prove scientific and technological strength such as “high-tech product”, “key new product”, “Science and Technology Award,” “China Nonferrous Metal Industrial Science and Technology Award”.