Curtain Wall, A Symbol of City

When we mention curtain wall, we will think of those transparent glass buildings in big cities. It even has become the proof of companies’ strength, the symbol of a city, the reflection of human advancement and the mark of the times. Curtain wall industry has begun since 1978, and after twenty years development, China has become the largest curtain wall producing and using country.

Curtain wall is a non-load bearing cladding system located in front of the structure to form an integral part of the building envelope.

Although its prime purpose is to create a weather proof barrier, it can be designed and fabricated to introduce individuality to the building’s aesthetic appeal.

While curtain walling is usually characterized by a square or rectangular grid of mullions and transoms, other shapes, such as trapezoids and triangles, can be incorporated in the design.

The specification of the glass and use of opening ventilators introduces comfort and light to the internal environment.

In order to understand curtain wall, we should first know some basic knowledge about the Wall. In a building there are many walls that can be divided into main walls and non-main walls that include partitions, complementary walls and curtain walls. The partitions are used for comparting the internal space of a room, and their weight is burdened by the floor or by the beam. Those walls filled between columns of the building are called complementary walls, and those hung among or in the surface of the outer-framework of the building are called curtain wall.

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