Enjoy the Natural Sunshine - Xingfa Aluminium Window

Enjoy the Natural Sunshine - Xingfa Aluminium Window

The desire of daylight force human to leave caves and build their shelters. The importance of daylight to human determine a close connection of daylight to constructions. Most world famous constructions are all considering to maximize the daylight through from outdoor to indoor.


Daylight expand our imagination. Space cannot exist without daylight. Daylight is lighting up the dark, and making tedium space interesting. Natural daylight is lighting up and being the distillation of indoor.Daylight is important to human being feelings. Daylight cannot be too strong and too weak. Strong daylight is dazzling and disturbing. Weak daylight is depressed.


Daylighting is adjusted by designing the size and structure of aluminium windows and doors in order to create an enjoyable room.That can also be energy saving, making occupants comfortable, helping to manage the indoor functions.Beside, the interval, height, orientation, room daylight also has a correlation with the square of aluminium windows.


Daylight comes through aluminium windows and doors. Small windows and doors may reduce daylight coming through the windows. However, large windows may intensify room humidity and temperature and affect warming, energy saving. Therefore, suitable size of aluminium windows are necessary. Living area should have big aluminium windows and doors in order to maximize the daylight coming through, increase brightness, and lighten up the room space. Bedroom should consider a relatively small windows. Xingfa energy-saving series, Paxdon Windoor system can satisfy various customers needs in home and site decorations.



Paxdon System

Green & Smart

Xingfa Paxdon system is carrying the core of modern designs, creating high quality and functional aluminium sliding window, aluminium casement window, cultural balcony to satisfy customers’ need from different regions. Especially the cultural balcony, viewing window series, sun room, these products are creating green and smart life for customers.




Xingfa System

Born for Construction Upgrading

Xingfa system is positioning as construction system branding, focusing on construction technology and products upgrading along designing, manufacturing, research, invent and quality control. Xingfa put a huge effort on creating completed design proposals for different environment, security and life all around the world. Xingfa system is including ESD100 aluminium sliding windows system, EW55 Push open window system, ESD115 Lifting doors, EW55 Inswing windows system, ESD Wide angle door system, electronic control system, High position windows suitable for as many as possible occasions and bringin benefits and interesting experiences to life.



Aluminium window&door is an essential parts of an a complete house. Quality and functional W&D are determined by daylight functions. At present, different styles of windows and doors such as simplicity, Euro style, pastoralism, new Chinese classic are able to satisfy customers in different needs.


Poor daylighting space requires light bulbs to adjust the brightness including ceiling light, ceiling lamp, spotlights, light pipes via reflection on the wall to create a soft light and comfortable room feeling. To avoid using dark colour, bright colour may help to light up the room and visually open up the space. Small room suggest using material such as glass and metal to improve the vision.



Light, brighten up building of cities,

Buildings are visually attractive and being energy saving with help of daylight.

Comfy living should start with windows and doors to enjoy daylight and time flies.


Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is the leading aluminium window company in China. Xingfa Aluminium has been persisting on the approaches of combining independent research&development and cooperation with domestic and overseas scientific research institutes. Relying on our own four national and five provincial R&D platforms, Xingfa always keeps close cooperation of industry, university and research to provide strong guarantee for the improvement of the company's technology research and development capability, thus forming self-owned core competence.