How to Choose Aluminium Window & Door

1.Aluminium Profile

Aluminum windows profile and aluminium doors profile have a series of excellent performances such as high hardness, strong toughness, good mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance. The overall weight bearing capacity of the window is strong, wear-resistant and durable.


When the normal glass is broken, the edge is sharp and easy to cause damage to the human body. After the tempered glass is broken, the edge is smoother and less harmful to the human body. In the door and window industry, ordinary glass is gradually being eliminated, and tempered glass is becoming more and more popular. High-quality tempered glass has fewer impurities, no blistering, and smooth surface. It is safer in daily use of aluminium windows and doors.



As the movable part of windows and doors, hardware accessories must guarantee the performance and quality to ensure the safety of windows during long-term using time. Windows and doors handle need to conform to ergonomic design, high transmission performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance; hinges require high hardness, strong toughness and not easy to deform; locks require smooth opening and closing and tightly engaged.


The performance of windows and doors depending on the range of use, but the following aspects are usually considered: strength, which is mainly reflected in the selection of materials for windows and doors, whether it can withstand ultra-high pressure; airtightness, mainly in the structure of windows and doors, whether the inner and outer frames of the windows and doors are tight and the doors and windows are tight.


The brand is the guarantee of product quality. The bigger brand, the less problem in the details of the product, otherwise it will pay a huge cost. Well-known big brands, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the good service after the sale.



Starting from the overall home decoration style, the color, size, and style of windows and doors need to be considered. Buying a set of beautiful windows and doors with keeping styles with the whole house will not destroy the whole decoration effect. For example, the color of windows and doors should be close to the color of the furniture, and the color of the wall can maintain the contrast of correspondence. At the same time, the novelty and functionality of aluminum window and door can be customized, which can be used for reference standard to select good aluminium windows&doors.

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