Indian Government Develops Public Utiliy Service status for Aluminium Sector

The India Government said that it has prepared to further improve the “Public Utility Service” status of the services in the aluminium and aluminium manufacturing and bauxite mining department for a period of six months on November 15. These services will be effected from November 16.

The status aims at ensure smooth sale of alumina and aluminium profile during the times of supply uncertainties. Previously, these services were pronounced as 'Public Utility Service' for a period of six months starting May 15, 2017.

The government official said, "The government has prepared to improve the status of alumina and aluminium profile, as public utility services for next six months so that its sales is not impacted due any uncalled or sudden strikes or lock outs."


Aluminium Profiles.png

The aluminium industry is expected significantly to India’s economy, with 2.2-2.5% contribution to the GDP. However, going by the GDP of the industrial department, the industry has a contribution of about 10-11%. Aluminium production grew by 25% year-on-year in Augest. Recent data showed, during the period April-August of current fiscal, the increasing growth in the mineral production was 3.3 % compared with the same period previous year.

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