Industrial Aluminium Profile

Aluminum profile has become one of the popular and preferred materials in most industries. As a professional manufacturer of industrial aluminium profile, our industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in subway tracks, containers, radiators, car tail plates, aluminum pallets, aluminum overpasses, aluminum formwork, assembly line aluminum, aluminum mesh.

To serve clients in more and more industries, by far, we have established five production bases in China for various aluminum profile applications. At the same time, we set up higher quality criteria to meet market requirements. Our job is to understand our clients and help them lower costs and maximize profits.
Industries We Served
√ Engineering Construction
Industrial aluminium profile with high strength and corrosion resistance are vital in high-rise structural engineering construction to ensure safety, lower maintenance costs, and prolong service life.
√ Frame, Guardrail, and Supporting Platform
T-slot aluminum profiles are widely used in the assembly of frame, guardrail, and supporting platform to ensure the safety of workers and equipment. Dustproof, anti-corrosion, lightweight, easy to install and move.
√ Radiator and Battery case
Because of their excellent heating and cooling properties, industrial aluminium profiles are often used to manufacture radiators for many industrial products. CNC machining and surface treatment are the ideal material for battery boxes.