What affects the price of aluminium windows and doors

The price of aluminum windows and doors set by aluminium doors and windows companies has fluctuations in prices. Do you know what the factors are?

The style of aluminium windows and doors is one of the factors. The most common types of aluminum windows and aluminium doors are the aluminium sliding doors and windows and the aluminium bifold doors and windows. Aluminium sliding doors and windows are more flexible, and their service life is longer with a relatively simple internal structure, so that there is no need to repair the doors and windows, and we can repair the damaged aluminum sliding windows and doors by ourselves without spending extra money to find someone to repair. Therefore, this type of aluminium sliding doors and windows is a relatively economical and simple alum windows and doors. aluminum sliding glass doors price and aluminium sliding patio doors prices are available online.


Aluminium folding doors and windows are used in a much simpler way than the aluminium sliding doors and windows. On the surface, such a type of door and window adopts only a few types of profiles like t slot aluminium profile. Door armrests and screw lock cylinder of the door and window use other types of profiles. Aluminium door window is composed of a whole piece of glass with better maintenance and cleaning methods. All in all, different aluminium doors & windows types or styles have different prices.

Another factor is the difference in decoration materials. The price of the aluminium windows and doors is closely related to the quality of the material. For example, the price of the composite aluminum plate is higher than that of the aluminum alloy plate. This is because the composite aluminum plate is composed of two layers of 0.5mm thick pure aluminum plate with PVC or PEC plastic rolled and heat-sealed in the middle and the aluminum alloy veneer is an aluminum alloy plate of 2 to 3mm.


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