Scoping Different Culture Through Aluminium Doors and Windows

Scoping Different Culture Through Aluminium Doors and Windows


Architecture is a mirror, an unique language that reflecting a century, a desirability of a nation. Architectures in a certain period, place have their own features and specialties, reflecting the humanities and social institutions at that period of time.  


Thousands of buildings come with thousands of styles. Each architecture represent each culture from all around the world: simplicity in Spain, enthusiasm in North America, romance in Great Britain, and postmodern. Architecture comes with different styles of garden views, such as Canadian gardening, European gardening, Central China gardening and Singaporean, southern China, Australian, tropical forest. Garden view enhances the exotica of architectures.

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Styles specifically means the reflections of features coming from the design contents and outlooks. Features are demonstrated by uniqueness and concepts from layout, structure, art designs and techniques and so on. Usually, the styles of architectures are different and determined by shape, including chimney,roof top material,eave design;structural material such as coating,bricks,ashlar;shape of aluminium windows; decorations including fences,lights and so on.


The forming of architectures is a long term history development results. It is closely relative to socials, religions and politics; differentiated from economics, material,philosophy,arts,opinions and so on.


The giant and sky-high Gothic architectures were divided into the sophisticate Baroque style and complex Rococo style.Ancient traditional Chinese architectures have compare and contrast in the overall designs. Structures, eaves and the decorations are forming a unique Chinese style. Architectures demonstrated the labour power level and humanities at a period of time. 



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Classicism was Renaissance, baroque and classical that developed from ancient Rome and Greek style with a common of using classic order. For example, the specialty of baroque is free-shape, dynamic with fascinating decorations, carving, colouring under curve surface and ellipse room.



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The world of Rococo is coming from French ‘re-caille’. It mean the shape of shell in architecture.Rococo style was first used in indoor decoration, then developed to painting, carving, handicraft artwork, music and literature.Rococo was first appeared in France and popular in the rest of Europe in 1820s.It was inspired by Baroque indicating indoor decorations from the application of semiabstract.



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Neoclassicism is a developed style of classicism. But it keeps using the traditional texture,colour and overall style, eliminates most wired elements.



Mediterranean style

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Mediterranean style originally means the architecture style where located in the north coast of Mediterranean Sea, including the residences in southern area of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. The representatives of Mediterranean style are arched, semi arched and U shape windows and doors. Mediterranean style is full of shining colours with high saturability.


North American style

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America as an immigrated country, absorbs and integrated different architecture styles.In fact, this style is a combination of colour and line in aluminium windows,attic, roof top. It is a pursuit of freedom, relax, leisure and vitality.



French style

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French architecture has visible lines, concave and convex, especially in the outlook,curve roof top and dormers. Stones, ashlar bricks are used in mainbody. Designers put a lot efforts in details by using French pillars, carvings, curves and edges.




British style

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British style is symmetrical with long and slim windows, wide width wooden doors, gridding and eye-catching chimney. Red bricks outside, iron steel inside as structures, the combination of blue, grey and green created the beauty and dynamic of buildings.



Italian style

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Italian style maintain and distill the specialty of Roman as houses by conducting sophisticated details, being natural and adding steal decorations on windows and balcony. Sharpe roof-top, stone pillars, reliefs demonstrate the ancient and grand history of Italy.



Japanese style

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Japanese style is full of its national specialty with clear lines, wooden frames and floor boards.There is a tatami indoor with a sliding doors covered by paper.



Modern Chinese style

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Modern Chinese Style is retaining traditional features and combining modern architectures elements of “quite”and “clean”as a peaceful environment.



ART-DECO style


Art Deco means ‘the most luxury’, first started in Paris 1925, then all around world. It wasa demonstrated on the furniture, clothing, jewellery and symbols, even the architectures at that time. It was the most excited style in twenty century. Art Deco design is pursuing simplicity,the organic combination of  decoration and function. Art Deco is applied in bricks and natural stones hanging in tall and straight buildings.





Modern style uses new material and technology to build life-adaptive buildings by using simple shapes and lines to identify the shape. By constructing tall and straight external walls and metal texture material to indicate the city skyline and the sense of time. 



Window & door is one of most obvious indication of design styles.




Gothic style comes with sharp roof top, arch doors and big windows with Bible stories and flowers glass. Traditional Chinese style comes with different shape of squares with special meanings. European style in ancient Rome and Greece with art symbols usually comes with pink wall painting, white lines, fence with flowers, green glass and balcony.

Different styles represent different windows and doors.


Aluminium windows and doors are essential in constructions. It is also equal to the design choice of buildings. Windows and doors have a long history in China from 3000 years ago started in ‘SHANG’ and ‘Zhou’ Dynasty. And it has been developed since long long ago until now. It is an essential part of glorious Chinese construction culture.



The combination of different styles of windows and doors are becoming colourful city views