The Applications of Industrial Aluminium Profiles - Part One

Aluminium, as a light metal, is the most metal elements that can be found in the earth crust. The capacity of aluminium is the third majority elements in the earth crust less than oxygen and silicon. Aluminium and aluminium alloy have the advantages of low density, high intensity, anti-corrosion, heat and electric- conductive, processable, forged and recyclable. Aluminium and aluminium alloy will be widely used and playing an essential role in different industrial fields.

Industrial aluminium profile is widely used in fields of transportation, shipping, marine , electronic, photovoltaic, mechanical engineering, medication and home automation equipment, also, in electric and hybrid energy vehicles and spare spare parts. It made a huge effort in the development of domestic economy, start-up industry and national scientific defenses. As the increasing demand for environmental friendly and functional improvement, industrial aluminium profile manufacturing and processing in China will be surprisingly wide and competitive.


The Application of Aluminium Profile in Aviation

Aluminium metal and alloy are applied in aviation fields as ‘flyable metal’. The usage of aluminium alloy in different aviation aircraft spare parts are based on the aluminium alloy properties such as hardness, heat resistance, anti-corrosion. For instance, spare parts for mainbody, control system, engine room, and seats require high level hardness of alloy. Some spare parts where installed near the electric generators, ventilators require heat absorption abilities to against thermal energy. Spare parts for wing body and propeller require aluminium alloy with anti-corrosion properties.


The Application of Aluminium Profiles in 3C Heatsink

Some aluminium profiles radiators are flat, sharing a common shape of serration, looking like a comb, fish bone,fin and sunflower. The advantage of the shape is enlarging the area contacting with air so that it is able to radiate and sink the heat energy more efficiently. More electronic plants and machines such as photovoltaic inverer, wind power machine, mega electronic box, signal tower, large Led light are using aluminium profiles as radiators.

Aluminium profiles are also have a wide range application in 3C such as PC, communication equipment, smartphone, camera, household electronics.