The Characteristic and Application of 6061 Aluminium Profile


6061 is the important one in aluminium alloy. The main element of 6061 aluminium alloy is magnesium and silicon, including 0.8%-1.2% magnesium and 0.4%-0.8% silicon. It is easy to process, weld, plate and polish. It not easy to deform. It has good tenacity and corrosion resistance. The ultimate tensile strength of 6061 aluminium alloy is 124MPa, flexural strength is 228MPa.


6061 Aluminium Profiles are mainly used for industrial parts that have requirements of high-strength and corrosion-resistance. Take aviation as an example, plane's fuselage, innner wall panel, undercarriage and so on. Take transportation as an example, subway carriage, accessories, vehicle door, vehicle window, track, vehicle wall panel, wheel hub, engine parts and so on. Take construction sector as an example, making aluminium windows, aluminium doors, aluminium curtain wall, aluminium panel.


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