The Imports of Aluminium Tubes and Pipes in Spain Cut Down Year-over-year

Spain is on a peninsula, a piece of land that just into water. It’s called the Iberian Peninsula, and it lies between the Atlanic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Spain covers most of the peninsula, apart from a small area occupied by the country of Portugal to the west. Aluminium tubes and pipes demand maintained an upward from these industries such as transportation, building, construction and others. It is projected the demand for aluminium tubes profile and aluminium pipe profile will develop in foreseeable future due to continuous expenditure in these sectors.

Spain purchased $300 billion of aluminium profile in 2016. The country’s imports have dropped at an annualized rate of -0.823%, from $349 billion in 2011 to $300 billion in 2016. Spain’s aluminium tube profiles and aluminium pipe profile imports have been deceasing for the past last three years.The cost of total aluminium tube profile and aluminium pipe profile import stood at $44 million and $38 million in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The cost of import is predicted to drop to USD 35 million in 2017. In 2016, Spain bought the maximum amount of aluminium tube profile and aluminium pipe profile from Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Belgium and China to name a few.
The international trade data shows that Spain imported about 9000 tonnes of aluminium tube profiles and aluminium pipe profiles in 2016, down from 12160 tonnes a year ago. The total aluminium tube profile and aluminium pipe profile import volume is predicted to decrease to 7713 tonnes in 2017.

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