Three Key Points of Aluminium Window & Door Installation

Now aluminium window and aluminium door are widely used in our house. What should we pay attention to when aluminium window & door install? Now we talk about it.


1. Choosing High Quailty Aluminium Profile

We should choose aluminium window profiles & aluminium door profiles reasonably. Do not choose the thinner aluminium profile. Please note that if the aluminium windows & doors have deformed.

2. Sealing treatment

Sealing is the key to judge the quality of aluminium window&door. Rubber Seal strip is very important for sealing. Therefore, we should make sure that the quality of rubber seal strip before install aluminium window & door. Besides, we should finish concealed works first and then install rubber seal strip to prevent construct repeatedly.

3. Anti-drop Measure

Sliding windows and doors must have anti-drop measure. It is very dangerous if the windows and doors sashes drop.

Aluminium window installed well is important for our safety. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the maintenance of window & door and open it gently to prevent the external impact.

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