Aluminium Extrusion Suppliers Told You How to Install Aluminium Window

1.The First Step of Installing Aluminium Window

In the bedroom, the height of the bedroom window is generally 1.5 meters high and the height of the window sill is generally about 0.9 meters high. There is a certain distance between the top of window and the side of window. If the height of the window sill is less than 0.8 meters, the window should be taken protective measures. The width of window usually starts from 0.6 meters and it is wide enough to constitute "window". The sound insulation of the rooms on the right and left sides is used when the width is wide. If the sliding window is used, the sliding range of the window sash should be considered.

2.The Second Step of Installing Aluminium Window

The size of bedroom window is not fixed. It depends on the area of living room. For a relative small living room, the size of bedroom window is smaller. For the large bedroom, the design of bedroom window is generally based on the corresponding proportion.

3.The Third Step of Installing Aluminium Window

The sound insulation of different aluminium windows are different and the range of isolated sound frequency is also different. It should be selected according to your home’s noise situation. Because the traffic noise energy is mainly at low frequencies, you can choose aluminum insulated window that can be low frequency. However, there is a problem in the selection of low-frequency aluminum insulated windows. That is the ventilation not enough, because the lower opening of low-frequency aluminum insulated window, the better isolation effect. The method also is a good choice.

In order to protect us from the noise, the sound insulation of home is better. At this time, aluminum insulated windows are needed. However, the experts also reminded that the quality of different brands’ aluminum insulatedwindows is not same. Consumers can refer to the introduction of purchase techniques about aluminum insulated windows and purchase better aluminum insulated windows.

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