Windows & Doors

Aluminum profile with surface treatment can be used widely as the material of window and door and commercial partition. Aluminium window and door from Xingfa Aluminium can be produced in different finishes for different purposes indoor and outdoor. All surface treatment techniques aim at improving the durability and ornament of the aluminum profile. As a professional aluminium window supplier and aluminium door supplier, we provide aluminium window and door of different sizes, and different selections on aluminum profile finish to embrace the complete satisfaction of our customers. 

Base Info of Aluminium Window and Door from Xingfa
· Opening mode: push-pull, flat-open, inward opening and inverted, lifting push-pull, folding.
· Components: profiles, glass, hardware accessories, viscose, seals.
· Profiles: aluminum profile from Xingfa is divided into ordinary profiles and broken bridge insulation profiles. Because the aluminum material has good thermal conductivity, it will lose the energy of indoor heating or cooling energy. Therefore, insert a low thermal conductivity spacer before the high thermal conductivity aluminum material on both sides of the inner and outer sides to form effective insulation between the inner and outer sides of the aluminum material. 
· Insulation profile production method: thread-through type and glue-injection type
√ Strip-through type: pass the strip-shaped heat-insulating material into the aluminum strip groove through the steps of cutting teeth, threading, and rolling.
√ Glue injection type: inject liquid heat insulation material into the aluminum casting trough to solidify
√ Glass: ordinary glass, tempered glass, hollow glass, coated glass, laminated glass.